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Marc Botello

Managing Director

Marc Botello joins Franklin Global, Inc. after serving 27 years in federal law enforcement. His career as an agent with the FBI started in St. Louis, Missouri where he investigated white collar crime, bank robberies, organized crime,  foreign counterintelligence, and kidnappings. After transferring to the Los Angeles FBI, he gained further experience in  leading investigations of  complex financial fraud, insurance fraud, health care fraud,  and cyber crimes involving victimized children.


His determination and perseverance for justice has led him to provide witness testimony in both federal and state courts on a variety of matters. He has also received numerous awards from the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for his outstanding service.

Mr. Botello was a member of the FBI’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team for 10 years and served as Team Leader. He conducted high risk warrants, fugitive apprehensions, kidnapping investigations, and joint operations with local law enforcement agencies. He gained vast experience in high risk tactical planning,  team coordination,  and  threat  mitigation.  Because of his  knowledge and experience, he served as tactical leader on hundreds of SWAT and squad operations. He conducted security protection details for the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI Director, and other domestic and foreign officials for which he received commendations.

During his career with the FBI, Mr. Botello provided training to federal agents as well as state and local law enforcement personnel on many topics including chemical and biological hazards, computer crimes, and interviewing techniques. 


After leaving the FBI, Mr. Botello joined the U.S. Department of Treasury, Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) where he conducted high-profile fraud investigations involving bank officials, contractors, and loan modification scams.

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