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Hugh Coleman

Managing Director

Hugh S. Coleman is a Managing Director with Franklin Global, Inc. His background as an FBI Agent, work ethic, and desire to provide outstanding results for his clients, make him a welcome member of the Franklin Global team. Mr. Coleman retired from the FBI after 26 years of service and his assignments included Bank Fraud, Domestic Terrorism, and Interstate Property Theft.

Mr. Coleman also served as the Principal Firearms and Police Instructor for the Los Angeles FBI Division. His duties included developing and implementing firearms and tactical training programs for FBI Agents, as well as instructor certification certification courses for Military, State and local Police Departments. In addition to providing fundamental skill development he is adept at developing training programs that prepare students to quickly process information, and make decisions in high stress situations. programs

Mr. Coleman was selected to become a member of the FBI Los Angeles SWAT Team in 1991,  and became Assault Team leader, and Sniper Team leader. In addition to serving countless high risk warrants, he also participated as a team leader on successful hostage rescue operations. He continued his SWAT service as the Senior Team Leader for the San Antonio Division SWAT team, which was responsible for the Tactical response for central Texas and the territories along the border with Mexico. Mr. Coleman’s responsibilities also included conducting security assessments for high value infrastructure targets in the region, coordination with other tactical assets, and developing response plans.


Mr. Coleman is a resident of Texas and since joining Franklin Global Inc., Mr. Coleman has provided investigative, executive protection, and security assessments for its clients. He also continues to train Law Enforcement professionals for Active Shooter response, and conducting  high risk warrant service. Mr. Coleman is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and a former Marine Corps Officer.

Hugh Coleman Managing Director
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