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Ruben Iglesias

Managing Director

Ruben A. Iglesias is a Managing Director with Franklin Global, Inc. His experience as an FBI Agent has provided the foundation to provide outstanding service and results for our clients, making him an integral member of Franklin Global .

Mr. Iglesias retired from the FBI after 30 years of service in 2017. While assigned to the Los Angeles Division his investigative assignments were Major drug and gang investigations. He excelled in source development and covert operations. He led investigations utilizing wiretaps, and worked abroad in Colombia and Mexico. He worked undercover, targeting organized crime figures and white-collar crime violators. In 2001, he was assigned to an FBI-led multi-agency intelligence center. He spent five years as the Southwest Border Team Leader and two years as the center's project manager. He received an accommodation from the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office for his work in a gang injunction case.

In 2008, Mr. Iglesias was assigned to the Los Angeles Special Operations Group (SOG), and a short time later, he became a team leader. His teams worked on surveillance investigations targeting fraud, organized crime, counterterrorism, domestic terrorism, counterintelligence, and drug and gang cases. His team worked on high-profile cases such as the Boston Marathon Bombing and the San Bernardino Mass Shooting.

Since joining Franklin Global Inc., Mr. Iglesias has provided investigative, executive protection, security assessments, and surveillance services for its clients. Mr. Iglesias is bilingual in Spanish and is a resident of Arizona.

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