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Dan Fagetan

Managing Director

Dan Fagetan joins Franklin Global, Inc. after serving 21 years as a FBI Special Agent. Mr. Fagetan began his career in Salt Lake City Division, Billings, Montana Resident Agency where he initially investigated Child Sex Trafficking, Highway Construction Fraud, Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud, and Murder for Hire matters.

Mr. Fagetan was subsequently chosen as the Safe Streets Task Force Coordinator where he led a team of local law enforcement officers during the investigations of Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, and Civil Rights Racial Discrimination cases. Mr. Fagetan subsequently transferred to the San Francisco Division, Eureka Resident Agency where he served as the Senior Resident Agent and conducted numerous complex investigations regarding Real Estate Fraud, Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, and Drug Trafficking.

Mr. Fagetan completed his career in the Los Angeles Division where he worked a myriad of Domestic Terrorism investigations to include a thirty-year old Domestic Terrorism Bombing Case reaching across four jurisdictions. With each new assignment Mr. Fagetan took it upon himself to work closely with local law enforcement agencies to identify and then solve their most difficult crime problems. As a result of his determination and teamwork, Mr Fagetan received numerous awards and commendations from both the FBI and United States Attorney’s Office for his outstanding investigative work.

Throughout his career Mr. Fagetan provided training to federal agents as well as state and local law enforcement personnel on the topics of Source Development, Civil Rights, and Domestic Terrorism. Mr. Fagetan consults with law firms, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and private clients on investigative matters and security related topics.

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