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Alex Cazzetta

Director of Executive Protection

Alessandro "Alex" Cazzetta joins Franklin Global team following extensive military and private security experience. He began his military career and education as a fourth generation Italian military officer after graduating from the Military Academy of Moderna, Italy.


Mr. Cazzetta honorably served in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) in special reconnaissance, operating in single-man and three-man units in foreign countries. Among his known priorities and duties, Mr. Cazzetta focused on civilian liaison and protection, hostage retrieval, undercover operations, interrogation, investigation and transportation of sensitive and classified information.


Returning from Israel Mr. Cazzetta re-enlisted in the Italian Army. With his experience on the field, he was put in charge of demi-regiment overseeing the nearby hostility in Eastern Europe, liaising with the allies' forces.


Following his military career. Mr. Cazzetta oversaw public security procedures for the British Monarchs, ensuring and executing strategic risk assessments of physical security measures and maintaining a high level of tactical instruction and guidance to third party staff members.


Mr. Cazzetta is a fifth-degree black belt in Israeli Krav Maga. His martial arts experience includes competitive fighting knowledge in both Japanese Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu. He has privately provided hand to hand combat training for the British Royal Marines and several recon units worldwide. Integrating his martial expertise and real world combat experiences. 

Mr. Cazzetta is fluent in four languages, including English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Mr. Cazzetta's focus is ensuring clients' safety, discretion and confidentiality. Mr. Cazzetta's strong verbal and written communication skills, and unique background provides the Franklin Global team with knowledge in threat prevention, risk assessment, immediate response, and critical decision-making, while facing any uncertain event. Mr. Cazzetta is active in community and charity organizations, including holding a position as team leader at Calvary Community Church, and running a successful self-defense program for women.

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