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Michael Harkins

Managing Director

Michael Harkins joined Franklin Global in February 2018. Prior to this, he spent six (6) years in the private sector providing security consulting, investigation and crisis management services. Before joining the private sector, Mr. Harkins enjoyed a 22-year career with the FBI where he became an accomplished and highly respected criminal investigator responsible for dismantling numerous violent criminal enterprises involved in a variety of violent crimes. He brings a proven expertise in tactical operations and crisis resolution having devoted 17 years to the FBI’s New York SWAT team and serving as a team leader. 

As a result of his tactical proficiency and outstanding capabilities in crisis resolution and threat mitigation, Mr. Harkins was deployed worldwide on numerous strategic operations in the Middle East and Africa, to include Afghanistan, Yemen, Djibouti, Somalia and Tanzania.

He also served as the agent in charge of forward-deployed teams sent to investigate acts of piracy and hostage taking of Americans off the coast of Somalia.  His actions resulted in the unprecedented transfer of Somali pirates into FBI custody, as well as their equally unprecedented prosecution by the Department of Justice. Domestically, Mr. Harkins also supervised numerous executive protection details of high-ranking US Government officials and foreign dignitaries in New York.


In the wake of 9/11, Mr. Harkins was called upon to establish a Critical Incident Response Team. He coordinated the tactical units from all the major police departments in the New York Metropolitan area, to train together and formulate strategic plans to best address any future criminal or terrorist attacks.

Afterwards he was selected to serve as a FBI Supervisory Special Agent within the Violent Crimes Division.   He was responsible for a variety of investigative matters involving nationwide initiatives. His broad violent crime expertise, and his undisputed reputation as a true leader, prompted the New York Office to choose him as the Coordinating Supervisory Special Agent over the entire Violent Crimes Program which includes Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigations by multiple, FBI- led interagency Task Forces.  As Coordinator, Mr. Harkins was responsible for managing a vast array of high profile investigations of Violent Gangs/Criminal Enterprises, Drug Trafficking Organizations, Bank Robberies, Child Kidnappings, Hostage Negotiations, Art and Jewelry Thefts and Extortions.


Prior to joining the FBI, Mr.  Harkins was a highly decorated police officer in Connecticut where he was awarded the Medal of Meritorious Achievement. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Connecticut where he remains an active and proud member of the Football Alumni Association. He is licensed by the State of Connecticut as a Private Investigator.

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