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Lisa Conley

Director of Operations

Lisa serves as Franklin Global’s Director of Operations, utilizing her unique background to cultivate Franklin Global’s growth into one of the nation’s top security, intelligence and investigative firms. Lisa leads the business development team, promoting new client relationships and advancing strategic alliances to uphold the mission and values of Franklin Global.

Lisa began her professional career after obtaining her Communications and Psychology degrees. Her educational background, augmented by nearly 20 years of business and sales experience, is complimented with over 10 years of investigative experience, making her the perfect fit for the Franklin Global team.

Lisa conducted investigations into human trafficking, international fraud schemes, extortion threats, family law cases,  and personal family issues. Her tenacious approach led to significant results including the successful settlement of a multi-million-dollar extortion attempt, the return of a U.S. citizen from an international criminal enterprise and the successful international recovery of stolen assets. Her personal approach has been critical in dealing with many sensitive and personal client matters. Her skill in handling these delicate issues protected the interests of many of Franklin Global’s high profile clients.

Her expertise on human behavior was developed while obtaining college degrees in Communication and Psychology. Later, as a graduate of the Orange County Polygraph Institute, Lisa studied Behavior Analysis and Interview and Interrogation Techniques. As a result, Lisa provides the Franklin Global team with strategy and insight for many of our critical interviews. Her investigation experience and extensive training is a tremendous resource to the Franklin Global team.       

Lisa graduated magna cum laude from California Lutheran University with a B.A. degree in Communications and a minor in Psychology. She graduated at the top in her class from the Orange County Polygraph Institute as a Polygraph Examiner and went on to take advanced training in PCSOT (Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing). She has been very active in community and charity organizations, including holding a VP position in the Vala Youngquist Guild for Children’s hospital.

Lisa Conley Director of Business Development
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