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Mark Coleman

Managing Director

Mark Coleman joins Franklin Global after a 25 year career as a Special Agent in the FBI. Throughout his FBI career, Mr. Coleman served in a variety of assignments investigating white collar crime schemes, providing crisis management leadership at major crime scenes and special events, and providing specialized evidence collection expertise at numerous national and international crime scenes.

Mr. Coleman was recognized by the United States Attorney’s Office as an expert in conducting complex health care fraud investigations, including successful investigations of major hospital chains, large-scale medical equipment providers, and pharmaceutical suppliers. Mr. Coleman was chosen to provide health care fraud training at national anti-fraud conferences and training seminars.

Mr. Coleman testified in Federal court on numerous occasions as a health care fraud expert and as an evidence collection specialist. Mr. Coleman travelled internationally to provide crisis management expertise for the Athens Olympic Games and to provide evidence collection training to foreign law enforcement agencies.


Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. Coleman was an aerospace engineer designing satellite subsystems for a major aerospace and defense contractor.  

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