Caleb Spurgeon

Director of Operations

Caleb Spurgeon joins the Franklin Global team providing a discreet and confidential experience for all clients after honorably serving 7 years with the United States Army.  Within that time, Mr. Spurgeon managed, trained and worked closely with a largely culturally diverse group of individuals in multiple countries.  Mr. Spurgeon has had extensive medical trauma training.  Mr. Spurgeon has also received various suicide prevention training courses.  Mr. Spurgeon has received excessive firearms and hand to hand combat training.  In addition to his medical and self-defense training, he also has extensive real-life experience in all fields.

Mr. Spurgeon began his military career in Fort Lewis, Washington where he was 

assigned to a reconnaissance unit; specializing in long range surveillance and small unit tactics. He was later assigned to a Sniper Team where he was deployed to various provinces of Afghanistan as a Sniper Team Leader. There, he planned, resourced and coordinated a vast number of raids/extraction missions leading to numerous seizures and captures of High Valued Targets and enemy Prisoners of War. Mr. Spurgeon successfully conducted countless quick response and large-scale international coalition missions within Afghanistan.

Mr. Spurgeon’s unique experience provides the Franklin Global team with an experienced operator who has handled assignments in the most extreme and dangerous situations. His experiences enable him to take immediate and decisive action during any incident.    

Mr. Spurgeon conducts investigations, research analysis, threat assessments and risk mitigation to Franklin Global’s clients. Mr. Spurgeon manages Franklin Global’s Executive Protection program and oversees the boutique-style services we provide to our clients.

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